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Strengthen Client Relationships and Protect Your Revenue

As a SaaS leader navigating a downturn, you need to stay close to your clients, protect your own revenue, and be ready to maximize opportunities when the economy recovers. By adopting an empathy-first approach, and systematically applying 10 best practices drawn from Customer Experience, Customer Success, and Value Realization disciplines, we will enable you to minimize churn in this downturn.

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Accelerate Product Adoption and Build Advocates From Day 1

Early "one-size-fits-all" onboarding approaches quickly break down as companies scale. Effective onboarding and product training fuels product adoption, a prerequisite to delivering customer outcomes and value at scale. Together, we'll build a role-based Product Adoption strategy for all audiences, kick-started by quick wins. Then we'll operationalize the strategy across the 7 key dimensions essential for success.


Elevate Your Churn-telligence™ and Grow Recurring Revenue

Elevating Customer Success and Customer Experience practice maturity is proven to increase recurring revenue and reduce churn. And a 1% increase in Net Revenue Retention increases SaaS company valuation by ~15% over 5 years (SaaSCapital). Using the WTC Churn-telligence™ calculator and the WTC Maturity Model, we'll benchmark your churn and assess your current CS/CX practices. We'll then chart a path forward together across 6 key dimensions of CS/CX Maturity, to grow your recurring revenue.

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Lauren has exceptional skill with Customer Experience and Knowledge Management in the world of SaaS, and is likely the most organized executive I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She has terrific insights and areas of expertise that I consider critical to sustained success in SaaS environments.

John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis

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Bringing in a subject matter expert, like Lauren, can help you defeat time and rapidly grow in specific areas. Just like when building my leadership team, I was looking for someone with deep domain knowledge and industry experience relevant to the Assent context. Lauren was an excellent fit.

Andrew Waitman, CEO, Assent Compliance


We chose to work with Lauren because of her deep expertise in customer learning & adoption, her relevant experience across SaaS companies of varying sizes, and her recommended approach. We’re delighted we did!

Keira Torkko, VP Employee Experience, Product Training

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With Lauren dedicated to implementing some key operational improvements and managing the change, we made more progress in just a few weeks than we had in the past year.

Jennifer Batley, President, Napkyn Analytics


I really love the level of organization and clarity in your Learning & Adoption Strategy Development process.

Naveen Poonian, President and CEO, iBASEt


Lauren, we completed the churn benchmarking exercise you suggested here at Assent Compliance around Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Gross Revenue Retention (GRR). It was not only interesting, but useful in starting the conversation around our retention targets for the next 12-18 months.  Thank you!

Jean-François Pouliotte, VP Customer Success