WTC Solutions was founded on three guiding principles:

W.  Work with meaningful impact.

T.   Time for what's truly important.

C.  Community leadership. 

Founder and CEO, Lauren Thibodeau, is a Customer Success and Customer Experience Executive with a 20-year track record in companies spanning start-up to enterprise, both in-house and as a consultant. Given her experience working for over twenty companies, she brings an extensive frame of reference for what success looks like at different stages of scale, across industries and business models.

Known for her unique ability to marry strategy and execution, Lauren has a proven track record of delivering revenue growth, dramatically reduced churn, and award-winning customer adoption solutions. She has led and advised global teams to implement and scale up Customer Success practices including onboarding, adoption, segmentation, health scores, journey mapping, voice of the customer feedback, relationship management, executive sponsorship, renewal management, expansion management, and advocacy.

Lauren is also founder and Chief Research Officer at SaaSCan, whose mission it is to empower Canadian SaaS startups and scaleups through credible, Canadian-focused SaaS metric research, set in a global context.


See Lauren's LinkedIn Profile here.